Montessori education is an educational system used as "aid to life". It helps children to develop their intelligence and independence. The learning environment is set up with areas in Language, Mathematics, Sensorial, Activities, Cultural Subjects and Practical Life. Shelves are low. Everything child size. Educators give lessons then children are free to choose. Materials are beautiful and self-correcting. Music, Art, P.E., Spanish and Computer classes are provided as part of our Montessori curriculum.



The child at this age should be treated with consistency and sensitivity. The beginning of a cooperative relationship can be laid down. All the child's needs should be met calmly and lovingly. The environment is set up with small child size tables, chairs, shelves and material.


The key to this period is to create a safe environment so the child can explore freely. Explanations are given so that the child's understanding grows. By the age of three, children have laid down the foundation of their personality as human beings. They learn everything through their senses. They will develop dignity and are guided by their inward teacher. The child is the builder of his or her own mind.


This stage of development is the "conscious phase" of the absorbent mind. The child can become normalized as Montessori puts it. This means that with caring handling, the child can come to terms with himself and the outside world. The normalized child will have a love of order and of work. He or she will be able to concentrate and show his independence and initiative, be self-disciplined, and have joy.

Extra Curricular Activities

Extra Curricular Activities will be provided by qualified individuals when enough enrollment/interest has been expressed. These programs are offered as a convenience to parents who would like to extend the learning experience of their children beyond the Frisco Trail academic scope. Separate fees apply. Please check with the school about currently offered programs.